Welcome to my little corner of the web! If you haven’t figured it out yet – I am in love with babies. Baby toes, baby hands, baby skin, baby eyelashes – every little detail is my favorite. There is nothing more extraordinary than the tiny brilliance of new life – so fragile, sweet, and innocent. Babies are the definition of love. They create magic, and bring peoples hearts more joy than they ever imagined possible. It is a miracle – and a celebration – when a baby is born. This is what I enjoy most – the happiness, the emotions, the experience, the love. Documenting this journey for you is truly the best job in the world. Being able to capture these incredible moments, and turn them into tangible memories for you is something I want to be able to gift everyone. Moments are so fleeting, especially in the mist of adapting to life as a new parent and adjusting your world to your new baby. It is so easy to forget all the tiny new things that mean everything – her little ear fold, that precious gum grin, the way she gazes at you as she is seeing the universe for the first time. Freeze them – preserve them – keep them. I want to help you hold on to everything, forever.

"I can’t express how special my experience with LittleFoto was with both of my children. Erin’s talent and creativity is priceless. She will capture moments that you will cherish forever. She was so patient with my little ones and definitely has a passion for what she does. I looked forward to our photos my entire pregnancy. It will be an experience you will never forget! I can’t thank her enough!"

"LittleFoto has done our newborn and family photos for both my children and I cannot recommend her enough. She makes the experience so easy and enjoyable. She is truly magical and talented. She goes above and beyond and really takes her time to make sure you have plenty of photos in your gallery. She works well with newborns, toddlers and teenagers. I highly recommend adding a family session to the newborn session. I am so glad I have photos of my entire family each time we welcomed a child. Her talent truly stands out and her photography is beautiful. I'm so honored and thankful that she captured such precious moments in my life so beautifully and elegantly. I can't thank her enough for what she's done for my family. I highly recommend her services.

Erin is such a talented photographer!! She has a creative vision and produces absolutely stunning photographs you will treasure for years to come! She is fun, upbeat and a pleasure to work with! My husband and I could not be more excited with the outcome of our maternity session and we look forward to Erin creating more masterpieces during our newborn session! You will not be disappointed if you choose Erin to capture your important pictures! Thanks for being so awesome Erin!!!

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Photographing a child is an untouchable high to me – their innocence, genuine happiness, and contagious laughter captivates me. Children find beauty in simplicity, and magic in ordinary moments. Capturing all these aspects of their being, and turning them into a photograph, is a skill and talent I continuously strive to perfect. It is a challenge, a puzzle, and an adventure. While I revel in their madness, and play their simple games, I connect with them – they show me their secret world – and it is a truly incredible and satisfying moment. I hope the images I create from these moments, pass the same enchantment on to you, and you too can share their perfect magic.


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